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Comment posted by TELimg users

We have a lot of people at our .TEL Meetups who are regular business people and who are looking for very simple solutions. This seems to be one of them. Firstly, you're providing a specific solution to the image problem which doesn't require the user to find a hosted solution elsewhere and cross reference it back to the .tel. Secondly you're providing a counter which is without doubt, the number one question that people ask about .tel. You've provided it. Nice job. I wish I'd thought of this.

Thanks a lot, Its an amazing service for dot tel pages!

I am very impress with the tools you created. They are great tools, easy to use and transparent. Good job! Hope to chat with you soon.

Wow!! great tool...

Its such an easy tool even layman like me can use this tool. I am very much impressed with Image Slide Presentation feature. It would be very useful for individual users.

dear telimg team, you did a fantastic job with your service, but please if you could make all site numbers visible - so that I could navigate straight to any of my telimg sites - your service will be perfect! Best regards, Mike Ledermann

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